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11/5/2009 2:53:40 PM
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Make Money On PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is the fastest way to start generating traffic if you’re an affiliate marketer. Since traffic is the lifeblood of online sales, PPC marketing is the fastest way to start getting momentum for your online business. Follow these habits to enter the mindset and execute the strategies of a super affiliate:

Stay consistent

At the beginning, only 3-5 percent of the offers you test will be winners. That alone can be profitable for you as long as you scale your offers correctly. After a few months, about 5-10 percent of the offers you test will be winners — which, if you scale them right, could generate enough income for you to quit your day job. As a beginner, you should use the affiliate network ClickBank to find offers. Signing up for ClickBank is quick and easy. It is key for you to get up and running quickly with testing offers.

Use Yahoo! Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

Yahoo! Marketing and Microsoft adCenter most of the time will give you a lower cost per click than AdWords. They also have much lower standards than AdWords for what they will allow, from whether your landing page is relevant to whether the grammar in your ad conveys too much hype. The main downside to Yahoo! Marketing and Microsoft adCenter is less traffic. But hey, having your campaigns on Yahoo! Marketing and Microsoft adCenter will give you a safety net of revenue if you get a Google slap.

Improve how your funnel converts.

Improve the copy of your ads through methods such as split testing and constantly adding words that better resonate with your customers. Changing a headline on your landing page can quadruple profits overnight. For search campaigns: have one keyword per AdGroup –- use the keyword in the headline. This will give you the best results.Improve your landing pages by speaking more directly to your niche of customers. Think through their fears, motivations, and lifestyles. You will win them over if in your copy you explain their problem better than then they can.Once your landing page copy is solid, build your landing page into a real site. Altogether, your ultimate goal should be to set up a handful of affiliate sites that are generating long-term sustainable profits.

Join the community and make money

Don’t dip your toes in the water. Jump in. To grow your skills and business long term, you need to surround yourself with affiliates as dedicated to self-improvement as you. You can find a strong affiliate community within well-moderated forums such as WickedFire and ABestWeb.

For the most organized and supportive community, though, you will want to join PPC Classroom, the course we launch today: We have forums, we have coaches, we have monthly Q and A webinars, and we monthly have niche case studies.

Use tools to grow your campaigns.

To be profitable in PPC marketing, you don’t really need to innovate. You just need to know and use the tools available to you. Pretty much every step in the process can be structured and scaled by an automated tool. From improving the effectiveness of your ad copy to expanding your keyword lists to organizing your sales stats, there are highly effective tools you could and should use.

For rapidly creating keyword lists for each campaign, use a keyword suggestion tool, such as those we provide in PPC Classroom. Use it to build keyword lists of 50 to several hundred keywords, max, for each of your campaigns. Set a daily budget for 5 dollars for every 50 keywords. The step-by-step process above is just a taste of what he and the rest of the Lurn team provide to our students within PPC Classroom, which just launched this afternoon. In PPC Classroom, we run the gamut of providing you with tools for your campaigns. We also give you case studies of great campaigns, courses on fundamental and advanced PPC lessons, and forums filled with dedicated students and experienced staff.

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