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Perfume Dropshipping

Perfume dropshipping can be a lucrative method of income generation. To begin with, drop shipping is a product delivery service that allows the retailer to sell his/her product to consumers without investing in whole-sale or bulk quantities. Therefore when it comes to perfume, the retailer receives the customer's payment and then gives the perfume drop shipper the customer's order and the address of delivery. The drop shipper then delivers the perfume directly to the customer.

Most perfume drop shippers run their businesses via the web. On their web pages, they include names of the available fragrances, the cost, and images of the items. After the mode of payment is agreed upon, the retailer only needs to key in the customer's address and the order item. The drop shipper then delivers the perfume to the client. Some of the more known online drop shippers are Aur Fragrance of Paris France, Fragrance X and Fragrance Net. The dropshiper's physical office can be located at either the country of origin or the place of demand. For example, Aur Fragrance is located in France where the perfumes are made while Fragrance Net is located in New York where the demand for designer fragrances is high.

While it can be a lengthy process, perfume dropship allows the consumer to get customized fragrances that might not be available in that specific area. In fact, most of the fragrances requested in perfume dropship are usually imported from places such as France and many other European countries. The commonly shipped fragrances are Calvin Klein, Prada, Hugo Boss and Davidoff. Perfume dropship enables consumers from all over the world to purchase authentic fragrances.

Almost every designer fragrance carries hefty price tags. This discourages would be sellers from venturing into the business of stocking and selling designer made fragrances. However, the problem can easily be circumvented by making engaging a drop shipper.

The dropper would be the manufacture of the perfume. The retailer only role is reduced to identifying the target market. eBay is a good market place where one can set up shop for perfumes and other fragrances. The beauty of having a perfume dropship manufacturer is that one does not to keep inventory which greatly the cost of setting up the whole business venture.

The price quoted by the retailer to the consumer is mark up to include his profit. Once a client places an order for perfumes, the retailer forwards the order to the manufacturer. It is up to the manufacture to package and ship the goods requested to the specified address. On receiving the goods, the consumer pays settles the invoice with the retailer who sends the manufacturer the check minus his commission.

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