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7/21/2009 9:45:28 AM
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Make Money On Social Networks

The research report provides a projection of 2009 ad revenue in two areas: overall advertising spending and local advertising spending. The document looks at 101 different social networks, from Facebook to financial management site Wasabi. Here are the numbers that struck us most:

    1. MySpace leads in total ad revenue with a little over $500 million in revenue. 26% of its revenue, or $133 million, are from local advertisers.

    2. According to the report, both hi5 and Flickr earn more in total revenue than Facebook, with $430 million and $336 million respectively.

    3. Facebook may “only” make $310 million this year, but a full $229 million of that will be from local advertisers, or 74% of total revenue. That’s quite striking at first, but when you really think about it, a lot of the ads on Facebook are indeed for local venues, and Facebook makes it easy to target geographically.

    4. An oddity: the report claims that Twitter, with its 25 million users, will generate $288 million in ad revenue. The problem with this number, of course, is that Twitter has almost no advertising, and we are very curious as to how Borrell came up with this number (perhaps this is a projection of potential revenue, if Twitter were fully monetized? We’ll look into it).

The big lesson to take from these numbers is that local advertising is alive and kicking, especially on Facebook. With such detailed information available on its members, it’s no surprise that small businesses are trying to bring locals through their doors.

If you want to take a look at the full report, we’ve embedded it below for your review:

comScore has a report on the state of social networking in the UK, showing that social networking is a mainstream activity among all age groups, and the second online activity when it comes to time spent, behind instant messaging. Simply put: everyone is doing it, and they’re doing it often.

According to the study, 80% of users among all age groups visited a social networking site in May 2009, at least once, spending an average time of 4.6 hours there. Young users are interested in social networking the most, with 89% of those 25 to 34 years visiting social networking sites, and older groups aren’t falling behind that much, as 67% of those aged 55 or more visited a social networking site in May, spending an average of 3.7 hours there. See the full stats in the table below:


This is in line with the recent study which showed that Facebook users are, on average, getting older, as silver surfers are embracing the site at an increasing rate.

comScore’s study also lists the top social networking sites in the UK, showing huge growth for Facebook, which now sits on top of the list, having increased by 57% since May 2008. With nearly 24 million monthly unique visitors, it dwarfs the competition: according to comScore’s numbers, it’s approximately as big as Bebo (which has been steadily losing its audience, also in line with our recent analysis based on numbers from US-oriented Compete), MySpace, Windows Live and Twitter (which has gone from being a complete nobody to the fifth place in a year) put together.

Read the entire study here.

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Re: Make Money On Social Networks

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Re: Make Money On Social Networks

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