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7/23/2009 2:28:43 PM
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Make Money On Pay-Per-Lead Programs

In a Pay-Per-Lead program, affiliate marketers simply need to gather information from visitors in order to gain commissions. Even though commission rates are lower then in pay per sale programs, you can potentially gain much more because generating leads is definitely much easier than generating sales. Keep in mind that it is easier for more of your visitors to fill up a registration form than to actually make a purchase on your mechant site. This is especially true if you attract them to sign up for something worthwhile such as a newsletter or a free gift.

When you promote high-ticket items for a pay- per-sale affiliate marketing program, you can reach the typical conversion rate of 0.5%. If the program pays $50 for every sale, you can earn $50 for every 200 visitors to your site. While this may seem like enough money for you, you should consider how much more you can make from pay-per-lead programs that have typical conversion rates of 20% to 40%. Even if the program paid just $2 per lead that you generate, you can earn anywhere from $80 to $160 for every 200 visitors at these conversion rates. Just imagine how much you can earn if the program's commission per lead is higher.