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11/2/2009 3:49:25 PM
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Make Money On Good Web Site Performance

Performance Requirements 2006
In a stydy 2006 conducted by Jupiter Research on behalf of Akamai, 28% of online shoppers claimed they would not wait longer than 4 seconds for a page to load before leaving a site.
Performance Requirements 2009
Akamai teamed up with Forrester Research earlier this year for a follow up study and found online shoppers have even higher expectation for web performance — and poor performance has an even bigger impact on customer loyalty. For example, nearly half of consumers do not want to wait longer than 2 seconds for a page to load.

Do Online Retailers Monitor Performance?

  • 77.3% monitor site responsiveness
  • 9.1% engage in load balancing testing and content validity
  • 4.5% measure application behavior

What Do Online Retailers Measure?

  • 73% measure site performance’s impact in terms of lost revenue
  • 59% measure lost traffic
  • 43% measure the increase in call center and email traffic
  • 27% measure the increase in negative customer reviews
  • 21% measure the impact on customer satisfaction ratings
  • 40% benchmark their performance against competitors

What Do Retailers Test?

  • 37% test home and product pages consistently using real-time reporting tools (26% test daily, 19% test weekly or monthly)
  • 84% test various screen resolutions
  • 83% test across different browsers and operating systems
  • 16% test performance from different geographic locations or different times of day
  • 16% record and replay specific user transactions
  • 13% test performance of mobile applications
  • 53% conduct testing before the holiday season