How Much To Charge For Advertising Space On My Website 

Posted by Make Money Sunday, November 29, 2009 2:06:39 PM
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Your Ad HereThe rule of thumb: Both the Advertiser and the Publisher should earn money on this compare with Google AdSense (Publisher) and AdWords (Advertiser). It should be a win/win situation, and live up to: avoid the middleman whenever you can (Donald Trump). I use this formula:


For the average PPC is 2,5$. I use the new Keyword Tools to find that. CPM = 2,5$ x 1000 x 0,01 = 25$. For this site I have about 13000 page views a year. (Use Google Analytics). Price pr year for an ad on this web page is 25$ x 13 = 325$ , but remeber that also the advertiser shall earn money on this deal. I normally give 20 to 30% discount compared with google. In this I give 29% off, and the price the advertiser have to pay for 260x260 on this website is 230$ pr year. I will also accept a 640 x 60 banner or something like that. I use paypal to collect the money. I send out a mail with a link and the advertiser can pay with Visa or MasterCard. It's simple as that. 

For CPM = 4,5$ x 1000 x 0,01 = 45$. The website have about 26000 page views pr year. The price after 30% discount for one year is 820$.

An other big advantage for the advertiser to avoid the middelman, beside the 20-30% discount, is to get a direct link back to your website. One way backlinks give you higer ranking, and more free traffic from the search engines.

If you will like to share the space with other advertiser in a flicker modul it will be alot cheaper. The price for one year will be:  80$ a year 20$ a year

If you will like to advertise on one of my websites. You can send mail to

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