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High Value Lifetime Commissions Programs

Lifetime commissions programs are affiliate programs which pay commissions not just on the first sale, but every time a referred customer makes a purchase from the merchant. In contrast, most affiliate programs pay only on the first purchase made by the customer. For example, if you refer someone to Amazon and they buy a book you earn a commission. Next time, they remember the name, go directly to, buy a book and you DON'T earn a commission. With lifetime commissions programs, the customer you refer becomes "yours" for life and you earn a commission on EVERY purchase the customer makes. You do the work once and get paid over and over again. Lifetime commissions programs include programs paying residual commissions on recurring fees. These are often associated with private membership sites, such as dating sites, or with Internet services like web hosting and autoresponders. Each time a customer pays to continue the membership or service the referring affiliate earns a commission. Below you can find the best high value lifetime commissions programs on the internett:
Business Cards - 20$ pr sales
Web Hosting -  25% on sales
Money Games - 40% (Sportsbook, Casino, Poker)
Trading - 25% (Stocks, Commodities)
Forex/Currency Trading - 25$ pr trader + 1 pip for each transaction

Lifetime Commissions - Make Money Online

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