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Friday, January 25, 2013 7:42:19 AM
Penny stocks are stocks that trade at a low price at the stock market and are considered to have high risks. If you are thinking of making money then you should consider investing in penny stocks but be sure of the risks that you may encounter. When you decide to trade in penny stocks ensure you do not put all your money in just one company. This might end up being tragic. Therefore, diversify while putting an eye on how many stocks each company trades per day. Take a fundamental evaluation of the company you want to invest in to avoid scams.
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Sunday, January 13, 2013 11:13:38 AM

make money typingFor a long time, many months, I felt that try as I might, making money typing from home was a complete dream.I did every single thing I could think of. Every single day I read up on this book and that book, physical books. I read all the emails from all the gurus and I bought e-book after e-book, learning as much as I could.I tried to learn everything I needed, and carried on like that until I found the “magical” key that is talked about.
But eventually I realized that there was no magical key. No-one was going to do this for me, I had to do it myself. I had always been a self-reliant person, and for me it was vitally important to achieve my goal.

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Friday, January 11, 2013 1:27:28 PM
If you have a line of items for sale that you believe will last for a long period of time, you can create a store on the vast eBay marketplace. By doing so, you can have a virtual store open for twenty-four hours. It is good to know that earnings know no time limit. Apart from this fact, what other things should a seller consider to make money on eBay?

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Friday, January 11, 2013 12:45:18 PM
The internet has become filled with money making opportunities for people of all levels of education, industry, experience and skills. With the economy being the way that it is today, there are lots of people who seek ways to make money. If you are a beginner to making money on the internet, you should be forewarned that there are a lot of different ideas, some of which are legit and others which are not. This is why extensive research is advised before jumping into something.

What you decided to do to make money is solely up to you. You will need to find something that you’re good at, or can learn very easily. Many people find that it is best to choose a position that allows them to make money doing something that they love.  If you are passionate about your job you tend to work harder to succeed. Therefore start by jotting down ideas of things you’re interested in or things you already know a lot about to determine the best options for you. Below are some ideas on where you can start making money online at very little experience.

There are lots of companies out there that are willing to pay you good money to complete a survey. Most survey sites are free to sign up to and you begin receiving surveys that are based on your shopping experiences, products, services, and much more. The surveys can pay as little as fifty cents and can be as much as $100 per survey! Don’t be fooled into thinking that all surveys will pay you lots of money as they won’t. However, by signing up to a few sites and providing your opinion you could certainly pull in a few hundred bucks per month.

Writing Reviews
Another simple way to make money online would be to write reviews on products or services that you have tried. There are lots of companies that will pay you to write a review that is unbiased. Your reviews in turn help other consumers know which products are in their best interests and which ones are not. With some practice and just a few minutes of your time, you could make some great pocket money online.

Test Products
Like trying new things? There are companies that will pay you to try their products before they hit the market. Imagine being able to get paid for your opinion and also get to receive the product for free? There are lots of people who have become very successful product testers and generate a good amount of income.
Blogging has become the new method for making money on the internet. With that being said, you’d be surprised to know that there are lots of bloggers that don’t generate a lot of money from the hard work they put into their blogs. There are a lot of things you have to consider when deciding to make money using your blog, and you must also understand that each scenario will not work for all of them. You need to take the time to try and see which of the techniques will work best. Below are the top three ways in which you can make money from your blog.

Direct Sales 
The best approach for generating a lot of money fast is through direct sales. Your blog should consist of more than just some articles and a few photos. If you want to be among the top earning blogs you need to also include products and services that might be offered. Creating a blog with great content that is well maintained, will help you in attracting loyal customers on the monthly basis.

Affiliate Marketing
Don’t have a product or service to sell? There are other options available for you. Consider advertising another company’s product or service and receive a percentage. If you have a well written blog with lots of interested followers, they are likely to purchase products that you personally recommend. The key however, is to make sure that the products you promote are related to your blog’s niche and that it is worth the purchase.

This is probably one of the first money making opportunities you should consider with a blog. You can sell advertisements using Google AdSense. You will get paid for the amount of clicks the ad generates. If you have a blog that gets a lot of traffic on a monthly basis, this can be a really easy source of income. You also want to make sure that the amount you get per click is worth it as you don’t want to end up making only tiny amounts of money.

As with anything else you might pursue, in order to find what works for your blog will take trial and error of all different money making methods. Many have found that combining the above ideas has generated a lot more money than doing them independently. If you are well organized in your blog and passionate about what you’re writing on, you are sure to succeed at making money online with ease.
Friday, January 11, 2013 12:36:40 PM
Life has undoubtedly been helped by technology. Various inventions offer the ultimate convenience that most people are looking for. Communicating far and wide has become possible through numerous devices and gadgets. Money making is one of the highlights offered by the internet.

The internet is an incredibly successful and useful innovation as it has helped people in countless ways. Nowadays, people can generate money through the web in several different ways. This has completely changed the lives of almost everyone. That’s why those who are living in these modern times are pretty thankful of what technology has to offer and what it can continue to offer in the future.

Making money online has become very popular in the past few years. The greatest thing about these favorable circumstances is that it does not require any kind of educational attainment from interested parties. The things which are required here are simply time and the willingness to learn.

However, you should likewise be aware that there are those dastardly persons out there who would pounce on the desperation of others. Most of them are after the money and efforts of online enthusiasts. They would not pay for any kind of service rendered to them. Thus, here is a simple guide that can help you to be more aware of these common online scams.

Inquiries from Long Distances
Oftentimes, people from different continents will anonymously contact others through emails. This is a very suspicious thing, don’t you think? What on earth could he want when he is miles away from you? People who contact you from different continents may be getting your information from a database and using an unknown number so as to be harder to track.

Requests for Your Financial Information
Most calls from scammers would be to get your personal and financial information from you. You should be wary of these because these are the instances where hackers take full advantage of the information given.

Hard to Believe Stories
Apart from these requests, some emails would contain stories which can be rather hard to believe. It may be one asking for a donation for some cause or it could be a request for a fee because you somehow won a lottery. Whichever the case may be, you should not believe these stories immediately because they are probably scammers.

These are the most common scams that you see on the internet today. You should be more careful in handling these things because one mistake could ruin your financial status as well as your reputation if somehow someone starts using your identity.

PPI scams to watch out for
With millions of people filing PPI compensation claims over mis-sold private protection insurance, there was no question that scammers would smell the money and join the bandwagon in cashing in on the gold rush. The scammers are not targeting the banks. Of course it is very easy for banks to detect and discard fake applications for PPI compensation. They are instead going for the victims, who have already been victimized by the banks and the building societies. So what are the main PPI scams that you will need to watch out for and how do they work?

The UKASH voucher PPI scam

This is one of the most popular PPI scams which is currently going around. You will receive a phone call from a supposedly genuine PPI company informing you that you have won a PPI refund that you probably did not even apply for. The company seems to know your name including the name of your lender and you will be asked to make payments for “administration charges” in order to receive your PPI refund. These payments must however be made by purchasing UKASH cash vouchers at a high street store. This kind of scam is very similar to the advance fee fraud that has hit millions of people in the last decade, which are also known by the name “Nigerian scams”. It is important to note that most PPI companies work on “no refund no fee” basis and you only pay out after you have received your refunds and the invoice from the legitimate PPI company that you used to apply for your PPI compensation.

Other advanced fee PPI scams
There are other advanced fee PPI scams which operate in a similar fashion to the UKASH PPI scams but the mode of payment is different. In these too, you will receive phone calls from a fake PPI claims company, with the caller often having a foreign accent and knows your name and lender details. The caller will inform you that they can get your PPI refund if you make certain payments via money transfer services like the Western Union or MoneyGram. You may also be asked to provide bank or credit card details before you can get your PPI refunds. Upon giving this information, the scammers will literally clean out your account. There are instances where you can be asked to purchase payment cards like Paysafecards at local high street stores and then send reference numbers to a given email address over the internet. It is important to consider all these instances as scams. If you have already issued personal information, you can make calls quickly to your credit card provider or banks and ask them to monitor your account and halt any unauthorized transactions.
Friday, January 11, 2013 12:35:53 PM
People who spend a lot of their time on the computer, often spend most of that time on Facebook. People can do so many things while they are logged onto their Facebook accounts. They stay online because the truth is, there is so much that you can find out. Some people spend hours chatting with friends, some people spend quite a deal of time browsing through other people’s profiles. Some people spend their time on the different Facebook applications and if you realise this, you will understand how profitable it is going to be to create Facebook applications for people to use.

If you have the technical skills to create applications and you have some creations that you know will be very useful to people, you can easily offer what you have on Facebook and earn a significant amount of money from it.

Sell music
If you have an application for music, you can ride on the fact that a there are a lot of people who love to listen to music and are even willing to pay for it. You can sell music through this application and you can sell it for a very competitive price.

A lot of people are addicted to computer games and people spend a lot of time on Facebook playing all kinds of games. While these games are all free for you to play, there are some ways that you can earn money from game applications. Like you can use money to buy game credits that will allow you to purchase specific items or you can use money to get an upgrade.

There are also different types of utilities that you can create which will help people make their Facebook so much more useful either for personal use or to be used for your business. Some of these utilities will have certain features that can be obtained to a cost. You can offer these extra features and you can make good money through it.

Facebook is a very good place to sell things because there are a lot of people on Facebook and it is good to take advantage of the number of people there. Today, there are marketplaces where people are able to make good money selling all kinds of stuff, and if you want to make money creating Facebook applications, you can create a marketplace application, earn from it and help people earn from it, too. 
Friday, January 11, 2013 12:27:53 PM
It is unknown to many online shoppers that the reason why voucher codes proliferate over the internet is that there are more and more businesses who distribute them. Primarily, different brands think that this marketing endeavor is more effective than the others. Hence, a multitude of voucher code sites feature lists of incredibly discount vouchers for people who naturally want to get these items. In a business perspective, can voucher codes really help businesses sell more?

The Aim of Voucher Code Distribution
Businesses create codes and distribute them because of two main reasons. One, especially for new businesses which have just established their sites online, they aim to have good online presence. However, popular brands also do this marketing strategy. So what is their goal? That is to increase their sales. Either way, companies benefit. There are only few marketing techniques that promise a win-win-win situation, and the distribution of discount codes is definitely one of them. Businesses eventually get enough traffic and more sales; the sites or platforms get compensated for featuring the businesses' codes; online shoppers can purchase items at hugely discounted prices.

Encouraging the Customers to Buy More
There are certainly many ways on how a business can encourage buyers to buy more of its products. One is by upselling. This scheme is popular nowadays. These are the examples: you offer free delivery to customers who will buy three of your items instead of one or two. You can also offer vouchers that allow customers to have three items for the price of two. Any business can create any offer as they wish.

Encouraging Customers to Buy Again from You

When a buyer purchased something from your store using the voucher codes you distributed, don't you think you have the chance to make more than just delivering the item? Indeed, you can still perform marketing through sending another voucher code. You can tell your valued customer that it is a token of appreciation. But any marketer knows this is mere strategy. Since this has to be part of the package, it does not need to be in electronic form. You can print it, so when the person is ready to use it, he can enter the codes easily during checkout. You can include a voucher code that is applicable for the items that you newly feature in your store or you find difficult selling.
Friday, January 11, 2013 11:28:28 AM
Domain flipping simply refers to the online business of buying or hand-registering low cost domain names and then selling them at a profit. It is a very risky business and you need good insight and judgment to recognize those names that will be in high demand in the domain marketplace. You also need to have access to multiple sales channels through which you will sell your domain names. If you have sold products on e-Bay, then you will not have a problem flipping your domain names and generating thousands of pounds every month in profits.

Picking the right domain names
Domain name research is the key to success in the domain name flipping business. You must have good knowledge of the industry to be able to recognize those names which are valuable and which are likely to generate lots of offers from potential suitors. You can operate within a niche or two which allows you to completely understand the market along with some of the key trends. You also need to master a few domain research tools including keyword research tools, domain appraisal tools, links analysis and traffic analysis tools. Building a portfolio of very valuable domain names takes time and effort but it will increase your chances of succeeding in domain name flipping business.

Where to find good domains
There are lots of online portals that you can use to get your domain names. If you are hand-registering your domain names, you can use some of the big registrars that tend to have very low prices especially for bulk purchases. Some registrars also have special membership plans for domain investors which will allow you to get discounts on your domain purchases throughout the year. You may also purchase low cost domain names in the aftermarkets like GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo, NameJet, CAX or Moniker.

How to sell domains
There are lots of strategies that you can employ when planning to flip your domain names in the aftermarkets. One of the most effective techniques is listing your domains in the domain auctions like GoDaddy, CAX, Sedo or AfterNIC where you can get lots of exposure and offers from interested parties. You can also collect email addresses of top investors in your niche of operation using tools like  You can then send emails to these potential buyers asking them whether they would be interested in acquiring your domain names.  Do not jump at the first offer to purchase your domain names as you can always get better offers. You can push your luck as far as is reasonably possible so as to flip your portfolio without getting a raw deal.
Friday, January 11, 2013 11:27:56 AM
The choice of a profitable niche is paramount to success when it comes to online business. But as any internet entrepreneur will tell you, choosing a good niche is one of the most difficult decisions that you will face in your pursuit for online success. Several factors coalesce to make this process challenging for the uninitiated.

For example, it is difficult to spot trends unless you are deeply immersed in a particular industry. Some of the most profitable niches already have considerable competition with thousands of players and breaking even in such niches can be difficult even with considerable investment. There are some specific qualities that you need to look into which will tell whether or not a particular niche is profitable.

Large Search Volume
This is an important determinant on how profitable a niche will be although it cannot be considered in isolation.  Basically, the search volume refers to the demand for the kind of the information that you are offering your customers. Higher demand translates to higher monthly local and global search volumes. This in turn increases the possibility of you getting high traffic and earning superb profits. There is really no standard recommendation for search volume threshold but a niche that can have at least 5000 searches per month has the potential to be very profitable.

High Paying Customers
A second factor that you need to look at is how much companies in your niche are willing to pay to acquire new customers. If they are willing to pay a high value per customer, then that is a niche in which you can make huge profits. You can determine this factor by using varied tools like Wordtracker, Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool, and Estibot amongst others. Niches like insurance, treatment, loans, mortgage, ppi claims, rehab and hosting are some of the most profitable with very high CPCs.

Low to Medium Competition
Never take on a niche where you will not be able to measure up to the competition. Many companies have already invested in the most profitable niches and are spending tens of thousands of dollars in content marketing and PPC advertising to get top rankings and stay ahead of the competition. Choose low to medium competition niches with high search volumes where you can easily break even.

Narrow Niche Market
If a niche that you deem as profitable is already overpopulated, you can narrow down on the niche and choose micro-niches or micro micro-niches where you are likely to meet low competition but highly targeted high paying keywords.  It is also important to avoid passing fads and focus on long term “evergreen” profitable niches.

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